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Effectiveness of Multimedia Based Program in Developing Experimental Skills among Prospective Teachers in Biological Science

It is claimed that 21st Century belongs to "Biology". Therefore, biologists of this century are expected to contribute extensively to the generation and synthesis of new knowledges and innovations for the welfare of the society. Prerequisites for this are, with relevant teaching and laboratory works in biology, make a revolutionary change in the field of new innovations. Effective lab works will depend on how well school management motivates teachers to actively involve in lab works. Promoting pre-service science teachers’ experimentation competency is required to provide a basis for meaningful learning through experiments in schools. The cognitive, affective and psychomotor function of doing experiments or practical work is to enable the Biology students learn the concepts and facts by hands- on experience, either by illustration or verification or observation. This study aims to find out the effectiveness of developed multimedia based experiments in developing laboratory skills among prospective teachers. The findings revealed that the developed multimedia content is effective and can be applied as an alternative for wet laboratory experiments. Keywords - Biological science, Experimental Skills, Multimedia, Prospective Teachers