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E-Health, Electronic Medical Record System, Patients, and Healthcare Industry

The Electronic health (e-health) is different forms of electronic services forms trans-ported through information technology networks, and it consists direct facilities delivered by the health care specialist for the educational and commercial usage. The scope of conducting this case study is to analyze the quality of the healthcare service provided to the patients and number of the adverse events reported due to incorrect medical procedures, lake of system control, inappropriate method of transfer the patient information, no medical decision support system for the physician prescriptions, save and retrieve the patient information, whether or not a newly implemented EMR artifact and cloud computing systems are effective I aligning records keeping systems if healthcare organization, the severity of the medical mistakes due to the flow the patient information in an inadequate manner; the assistant provided by the implemented EMR system in making the decisions related to the diagnosis, medical procedures, treatment plan for the patients; the effect if the efficacy of EMR system; the physicians respond along with the patients’ health outcomes.The outcomes from this research are anticipated to align multi-branch healthcare organization with the international standards and consider the expansion of the computing network in the future, residing and have the best practice of implement the EMR sys-tem in the Saudi Arabia. Keywords - E-health, Electronic Medical Record System, Healthcare industry