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The Effectiveness of Generating Electricity from Biogas Created from Food Wastes with the use of Peltier Diode as a New Source of Renewable Energy

Biogas is produced by the breakdown of organic matter including food wastes. It has a high percentage of methane that makes biogas an excellent source of renewable energy to replace the need for natural gas and other fossil fuels. In that case, biogas can help in reducing greenhouse gases. The purpose of this research is to lessen the food waste that causes greenhouse gases and to provide an alternative source of renewable energy.After the researchers gathered all the necessary data, the team proceed to work on materials needed in the study, especially the food wastes and Peltier diodes. The biogas created from food wastes will be converted into heat energy with the help of Peltier diodes. The four (4) Peltier diodes, that convert heat energy into electricity, produced six (6) volts and was able to charge an android phone. On the other hand, the researchers noticed that the amount of biogas used in testing lasted only for two (2) minutes. The study has a big potential to contribute to the world of renewable sources, it proves that it could produce enough amount of electricity that can be a new source of green energy. The four (4) digester successfully produced methane but despite that, it took almost two (2) months to obtain the amount of biogas needed in the experiment. Keywords - Biogas. Peltier diode. Renewable energy. Organic matter. Greenhouse gases. Methane. Food wastes.