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Defining Environmental Impact Assessment for the Construction of the SND ARENA

It was challenging to evaluate the environmental impact for the construction of the SND Arena, specially because we had to do in a very short period of time in April 2017. Such a building with modern concepts as light and heavy construction, and all the technological equipment for sports today. Main disciplines such as basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal FIFA, tennis, martial arts and other indoor activities. The modern concept of placement of a stadium for 10.000 people and all the surroundings, including parking areas, fire prevention system, and considering the building technology with the least negative impact on the ecosystem of the selected place, the minimum changes to the original stadium with a capacity of 6,000 spectators, and the modernization of the Stadium were all defying because it involved 15 Hectares of buildings and green areas, with a weak ecosystem. The final SND Arena will be about 8,000 square meters but it also includes other outdoor sports areas for football, athletics┬┤ pitch, hotel for sports delegations, Sports Faculty and an Area for Education Faculty near a main Route for entrance and exit of Asunci├│n, capital city of Paraguay. The modern stadium was opened in August 2018. Keywords - Ecosystem, Main Concepts, Modern Building, Sports Arena.