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Analyzing the Impact of Organizational Service Culture in the Operations of Organizations

The research studies to what extent different phases of the service process that do not involve similar training, know-how, managerial practices and resources (such as customer care, service management and administration, and technical maintenance) may be inter-linked.We assess whether different departments that are involved in the service supply chain across the organization may differ in their service standard or follow similar patterns in their service provision. The service standard of each organizational unit be orchestrated, or may vary, due to the service culture and values of the organization.Major differences between the organizational departments and the separation between them may affect not only the final service level provided to customers, but also the heterogeneity in service provision standards within the organization. The paper analyzes the provision of service fault maintenance in a large utilities company in Israel. The process begins when customers call to the company’s customer care center to inform it about termination of services in their area. The company evaluates the characteristics of the fault and a maintenance team is sent to renew the provision of services. The reaction times of all the departments involved in this process throughout the organization where statistically analyzed to determine whether organizational units are correlated (thereby indicating a similar service culture at the organizational level) or differ (thereupon indicating the emergence of different service subcultures within the organization). Findings suggest that despite the inherent differences in practices and tasks between the organizational units, they are correlated in their service provision, hence indicating effects of the organization’s level of service culture on different parts within it. Keywords - Service; Service Standard; Service Culture; Utilities.