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The Influence of Different Music Styles on Pupils in the Secondary School

Since ancient times music has been part of people's lives. For Plato, for example, music was an indicator of education, soul, beautiful or ugly. Music is part of everyday life even if we want to recognize it or not, with children making no exceptions to this. Hours of musical education aim to cultivate beauty for music. We present in this article a research that aims to explore the degree of influence of the music on pupils in secondary school in Romania during their musical education lessons. The research consisted on a survey that was given to 92 pupils, 7th and 8th grades, from rural and urban schools, Ilfov County (Romania) and Bucharest city. We used both quantitative and qualitative research with questionnaire for pupils, as well as individual interviews. The results of the research show that pupils have different musical styles with preference on pop music rather than classical music. We have concluded that they can easily understand the music if it has words. At the same time pupils do not feel comfortable with classical music because they do not understand it very well. It is much easier for them to listen pop music because they understand the words and feel the music. Keywords - Music, Secondary School, Musical Education, Influence of Music