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City Names in the Eastern Regioun of Thailand

The studies of place names or toponyms have been much more published by scholars in different fields including linguists. The pioneer works of place names in Thailand have published thirty years ago. The popular areas studied are village names in the district level. The overview of the village names in the regional level had has not been explained. This article, therefore, aims to explain the city's names in the eastern region of Thailand in terms of name structure, language, and meaning. There are totally 64 names of cities in 7 provinces are the data that have been analyzed by using a linguistic perspective. The result has shown that to name the city, the government or local government gave the city's names being related to the main important place or their landscape of each district. The name's structure was found that mostly there are built by two words mixing. The root of language mostly is Thai language following by Pali-Sanskrit and Khmer language as this region nearly to Cambodia that uses Khmer mixed Pali-Sanskrit. The cities are to be named by its geographical feature and following by history, myth, people occupation, personal name, and good meaning respectively. The geographical names mostly concern water resources; the stream, rivers, canals, sea, an island. The result also implied the relationship between Thailand and Cambodia both languages and people who have lived together in the past time. The next studies, however, should have compared the city names in other regions differently landscape and its history of each region in Thailand. Keywords - Toponyms, Place-name, Geographical name, Thailand