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“You Eat What You Are”: Promotional Strategies on Facebook Pages of Food Companies

This research aims at examining the persuasive strategies on the Facebook Pages of Thai food companies and revealing how those strategies perpetuate certain Thai social values. The data of this research are 10 posts related to foods for luck posted on Facebook Pages of Thai food companies and restaurants during January-February 2019. Five persuasive strategies were employed in these posts: sounds, lexical choices, rhetorical questions, intertextuality, and visual cues. The analysis of these strategies revealed that these posts help perpetuate the belief in auspicious foods in Thai culture. Although the belief of auspicious food exists in Thai culture since in the past, currently the belief expands its realm to more kinds of food and food products e.g. Western fast food, Japanese food, and ingredients of Thai desserts. These persuasive strategies are beneficial for food companies and restaurants in creating more market shares since the posts encompass a large group of target customers, people born under the 12-star sign and people born on each day of a week. These strategies were also employed to make sure that all kinds of the products or menus can be sold. Keywords - Astrological Belief, Consumerism, Facebook Pages, Foods for Luck.