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Exploring Mediators Of Mindful Learning Experienceand Mastery Experience During Creativity Game-Based Learning

This study aimed to examine the learning effects of the Digital Game-based Learning System for Creativity and, further, to investigate the relationship between mindful learning experience, flow experience, self-efficacy, and mastery experience among pupils.Eighty-three 5th and 6th graders undertook a six-week creativity game-based learning through the DGLSC. Path model analysis revealed that mindful learning experience was a powerful predictor of both mastery experience and flow experience; it also influenced mastery experience through flow experience and self-efficacy during game-based creativity learning. The findings demonstrate how mindful learning can be incorporated to enhance mastery experience of creativity through game-based learning. Index Terms- Creativity, Flow Experience, Mastery Experience, Mindful Learning, Self-Efficacy, Game-Based Learning