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Sensor-Based Soil Tester For Crop Rotation Evaluation

This research project aimed to develop a portable device that will aid convenience and cheaper cost for the common farmers as an alternative way to test field soil in order for them to evaluate the nutrients present in the soil, identify and select which crop best fits the soil condition for maximized productivity and profitability. The prototype also aimed to be compact, portable, easy-to-use and automatically assess and generates results in minutes bringing the soil testing stations to the farmers. It also utilizes cheap, common and readily available technology and materials such as Arduino Microcontroller, Raspberry Pi, DC Motors, Peristaltic Liquid Pump, LCD Touch Screen, pH Sensor Spear Kit and Color Sensor for colorimetric reading. The research project is based on Soil Tester Kit (STK) process commonly used in the Philippines wherein the STK is integrated into a device to provide quicker and more convenient way of assessing soil condition by displaying the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium qualitative value and pH quantitative value. It also evaluates which crops best fits the current soil condition depending on other known variables such as crop season, land or farm area, farmer’s budget for growing crops and assessed soil nutrients. The prototype would also be able to generate how much fertilizer to be applied and forecast how much will be the estimated possible profit given that the crops are grown in normal environment conditions. Keywords - Colorimetry, Crop Rotation, Color Sensor, Soil Tester