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Customizable Automated Snack Vending Machine

The paper presentsthe design and fabrication of acustomizable automated snack vending,whichdispenses consumer products, based on the currency inserted. The dimensions of the machine are customizable so it can fit on any available space at the customer’s premise. A simple and low cost Arduino controllercontrols the currency acceptance andsnack dispensing of wafer packets, chocolates and juice tetra packs placed on the acrylic spiral coil. The methodology implemented in the conceptualization of the project was customer survey, concept selection and test, system level design, detail design, testing & analysis. The final design could successfully vend four different type of materials staked on the acrylic spiral coil in 5 seconds. Keywords - Arduino Mega, DC Stepper Motor, Dimensions Customizable Vending Machine, Abudhabi Dhiram