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An Overview Of Non-Audit Services In Albania

The dynamic changes in the modern economic system under the influence of globalization have make the economic entities to continuously develop and adopt to these changes. The accounting profession has no exception from this environment, and like other business, in order to develop and survive under the increased competitiveness has forced many auditing firms to diversify and enrich their products and services beyond non-audit services like: bookkeeping, appraisal or valuation services, internal audit services, management functions, human resources, personnel appraisal or selection etc. The fees generated by NAS have been rising more rapidly than audit fees. This has led to perceptions that provision of NAS can cause the auditors to compromise their independence. The incomes that an auditor can earn from non-auditing services are considered as a threat to the auditor´┐Żs independence, and can threaten the perceived objectivity of the auditor profession in public. The debate whether the auditors should be involved in non-audit services is still an argued topic among the researchers and different legislations that regulates the non-auditing services are being discussed with restriction for certain non-auditing services that threaten the auditor independency. The objective of this study is to make an overview of the impact that the non-audit services have in the auditors profession, and to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of delivering non-auditing services in the Albanian auditor market. To reach the objective of the study a wide range of literature will be reviewed and interviews with experienced independent auditors will be conducted to identify the non-audit services that might have or not an impact in the perception of Albanian auditors independency. Keywords - Non-Audit Services, Independency, Diversify, Objectivity.