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A Study on Collaboration among Faculties/Institutes of Mahidol University in Support of Thai Red Cross Children Home Village

The collaboration between faculties/institutes and Thai Red Cross Children Home Village in Nakhon Pathom Province, was an attempt to improve the project bestowed on Mahidol University by Her Majesty the Queen since 2011, via Golden Jubilee Medical Center (GJMC), for 30 orphans and neglected in aspect of healthcare knowledge and services. One of collaboration measurements was structural equation model (SEM), a technique of factor analysis (FA), which this study used as confirmatory FA with the objectives of learning the collaboration level and obtaining feedbacks to build a model for further integration of an academic sector into the village. The methods consisted of questionnaires translated into Thai from English Organizational Trust Inventory (OTI), tested for internal consistency and distributed to 24 participating representatives of 5 faculties/institutes and the village administrator after 6 months of the project implementation during 2017-2018, and the focus group interview of 9 surrogate mothers and aunts towards the end of the year. The SEM described the relationship between intangible factors: collaboration and 5 dimensions, namely, governance, administration, autonomy, mutuality and norms, and 56 questions in Likert scale from 1 = least agreeable to 5 = most agreeable. The interview focused on open-ended questions to gather general ideas and comments on the collaboration with the university. The response rate was 95.8% while Cronbach’ alpha total 0.936. Model fit indices like ML, RMSEA, etc. did not reject the null hypothesis, even though the trends looked good, similar to previous works. The average scores were 72.9% and the interview resulted in the shared goals - help the children find their own life purpose and thrive to their best while immune to global dynamic changes. The proposed model of integration were depicted with improvement issues like ICT infrastructure for information flow and annual report to Thai Red Cross Society. Suggestions were made about FA consideration in healthcare researches to understand healthcare more deeply beyond the physical dimension and collaboration as an integral in integration of an academic sector into a community. Keywords - Collaboration, Structural Equation Model, Integration, Thai Red Cross Society, Mahidol University, Golden Jubilee Medical Center.