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Orthogonal Curved Coordinate System and Forming the Surfaces on Trapezium-Curved Plans

Thin space constructions on curved plans there are used at building of public structures, trade centers, and sport centers. Working-out the methods of forming of the surfaces on the curved plans that is one of the modern task of the architecture and town building. The orthogonal coordinate system that is formed at the plane with some plane directrix curve and the system of the right lines orthogonal to the directrix curve there is regarded at the state. The coordinate system forms some trapezium-curved segment. Taking some function of the vertical coordinate there is possible to receive different surfaces at the curved plans. Conjugating different directrix curves, it’s possible to receive the combined surfaces. The article presents a system of orthogonal coordinates of curvilinear-trapezoidal planes and methods for forming surfaces on these planes. Surfaces with a function of the vertical coordinate of a general view are considered, and surfaces on combined plans of segments of the same type are shown.