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Spatial and Temporal Pattern of Population of Burdwan-I C.D. Block, West Bengal: A Geographical Study

It is well accepted that human resource study is most significant for regional planning. Quantity and various attributes of population of a region depict its socioeconomic characteristics. In this paper panchayat wise distribution of various population characteristics;e.g. population distribution, density, sex ratio, literacy rate and workforce composition etc.of Burdwan-I C.D. block, West Bengal, India has been studied. Entire study, cited here, is based on secondary data collected from district census handbook published Government of India. It has been found that female literacy rate and female work participation rate is quite less in studied area. Backwardness of female in literacy and workplace, even in un-skill jobs are been studied here with various socio-economic parameters. For sustainable development of the society emphasis should be given to women empowerment. Keywords - Population Distribution, Density, Sex Ratio, Literacy Rate, Workforce Composition