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Hereditary Restless Leg Syndrome: Homemade Treatments

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a Nervous system disorders, which is recognized by the unpleasant feelings and continuous movements of the legs. This syndrome is one of the most common sleep disorders that affects about 3 to 15 percent of the general population, and about 2-3 percent of people with clinical signs are visible. The incidence of this disease in women is higher than in men. Precise statistics on the outbreak in Iran are (is) not available, but on average 15% of the patients have mild to severe symptoms. In this article (research), the effect of three non-drug therapies including using hot water bag, massage therapy with glycerin oil and oral consumption of herb extracts in patients with restless leg syndrome, which were simultaneously treated with dialysis, were (was) studied. Is(???). Although these methods require more extensive studies and experiments, but with positive results, they can be used as home-based and person-to-person therapies and can help to improve the symptoms of restless leg syndrome in patients. Keywords- Restless Legs Syndrome - Non-Drug Therapies - Hot Water Bags - Massage Therapy - Glycerin Oil - Hypericum perforatum