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Effects of Chinese Writing Program of Self-Regulated Strategy Development on Student Learning

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the students’ Chinese Writing Program of Self-Regulated Development Strategy (SRSDCWP) on student learning, through adopting two-groups experimental design and comparison of scores of writing self-efficacy and application of self-regulated strategy of writing between experimental group and control group to examine the impact of SRSDWRP on students’ learning. The SRSDCWP is based on the teaching model of self-regulated strategy development (SRSD) and majorly consists of six instructional steps including developing background knowledge, discussing, modeling, memorizing, supporting, and independent performance. Participants consisted of 105 eighth graders from one junior high school located in central Taiwan. Of 105 participants, 50 students from the experimental group attended the SRSDCWP, whereas the control group of 55 students took no such intervention program. Three units of teaching materials were designed and implemented each week for12 weeks. Two groups with similar background and life experience of schooling before were taught by the same Chinese literature teacher and received writing instruction lasted 45 minutes for a total of 135 min per week. During the research period, the data were collected through a students’ writing self-efficacy scale and an application of writing self-regulated strategy scale. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics of distribution frequencies, percentages, mean values, and standard deviations and inferential statistic using ANCOVA. The results revealed that the experimental group acquired scores on the students’ writing self-efficacy scale, and the application of writing self-regulated strategy scale,those were significantly higher than the scores of the control group. This study confirmed that the SRSDCWP provided remarkable positive influences on students’ writing self-efficacy and the application of writing self-regulated strategies. Keywords - Program Evaluation, Self-Regulated Strategy Development, Writing Self-Efficacy, Writing Self-Regulated Strategy.