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Direction Of Arrival Estimation And Beam Forming For Eigenvalue & Non Eigenvalue Decomposition In Dynamic Scenario

Accurate estimation of signal Direction of Arrival (DOA) in Static and Dynamic scenario is an essential and complicated task in wireless communication. In this paper we stimulate the results for finding the correct Position Location (PL) of the desired user using eigen and non eigen decomposition. For estimating the DOA we implement the Propagator Method, MUltiple SIgnal Classification in static scenario and Dynamic Propagator Method (DPM), Dynamic MUltiple SIgnal Classification (DMUSIC) in dynamic scenario. Also steer the beam pattern to the desired user using Least Mean Square (LMS) & Dynamic Least Mean Square (DLMS) algorithms. We focus here on the dynamic scenario of user i.e. user moves from his initial position to particular location. Also we focus on the PL of the desired user and the magnitude of steered beam. From this simulation we notice that in static situation PM is better than MUSIC, but in dynamic scenario our DMUSIC is quite better than PM. Moreover the steer the beam pattern towards the desired user is much more accurate in Dynamic-LMS. Keywords - Direction-of-arrival (DOA), Dynamic MUltiple SIgnal Classification (DMUSIC), Dynamic Propagator Method (DPM), Dynamic Least Mean Square (DLMS), Position Location (PL), Smart Antenna(SA), Array Antenna, Signal Processing.