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Participatory Action for Temporary Redevelopment of Privately-owned Vacant Lots in Urban Neighborhood of Bangkok

This paper proposed a new model of stakeholder partnership in providing a decision to manage privately-owned vacant lots in the neighborhood in Bangkok, Thailand from landowner himself/herself as one actor to multi-actors as the research project was engaged bya sample of residentsaround the vacancy, district officers and experts related to urban planning and design. Even though theunused landswould be temporarily convertedby the redevelopment effort before landlords soldthem for profitability, the useful patterns brought by participatory mechanisms of exploratoryapproach illustratingneighborhood impacts from vacant lands by GIS maps, land priority selection regarding indicators and criteria, and land design process seem to, not only resolve the issue but also drive innovation of vacant land managementbased on local solutions. Keywords - Vacant Land, Redevelopment, Stakeholder Participation, Urban Neighborhood.