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Design of Public Relations Media of Baan TookkatoonHoonkrabok Thai Puppet Museum

Public relations media of Baan TookkatoonHoonkrabok Thai Puppet Museumintends to conserve and care of Thai culture to be unique. This creates a memorable image in the new generation to see the historical value. Thai puppets have a long history since the reign of King Rama Vfrom the letter of Prince Tisavarakumarn, the Prince DamrongRajanubhab, which noted that Thai puppets are modeled from Hainan puppets which are adapted to be a Thai costume puppet and become popular in that time. Thai puppets are beautiful and delicate. They are unique and considered one of the important Thai arts that continue to the presentday even though fading over time. Until now, there are only a few troupe members in Thailand but with Mr. Niwet’s museum preserves it and Thai puppets should continue to gain popularity. The researcher collected the research data with the target group questionnaire and the interview form for the design experts to analyze the data obtained using basic data such as percentage (%) and average (mean) and using interpretation methods from interviewing design experts based on the analysis of design of public relations media of Baan TookkatoonHoonkrabok Thai puppets museum. Objectives of this research are: 1) To design the media to publicize the Baan TookkatoonHoonkrabok Thai puppets museum. 2) To design graphic media to be compatible with public relations media clearer and more attractive. Then, conduct the research using questions from student group, early working age group and expert interviewing from for design expert. The results from the research found that the experts chose to bring the puppets to tell the story to be more modern and universal and tell story with clothes and patterns to add dimension to public relations media. It does not have to be an intangible item but make it valuable, memorable and exquisite. Media obtained:1) Get media posters for public relations of Baan TookkatoonHoonkrabok Thai puppets museum. 2) Obtain comprehensive public relations media with multiple target groups.3) Get advertising media with beautiful graphics with Thai style and the same set to allow people to join and be interested4) Get graphics on the mobile web. Keyword - Fine Art Design, Public Relations Media, Thai Puppets Show, Early Working Age