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Ban KhunSamut Chin’s Public Relations Media Design

The objectives are to design the public relation media of Ban Khunsamut Chin and to promote tourism in Ban Khunsamut Chin community.Therefore, this study willattract the new generationsto see the importanceof history and the way of life of Ban Khun Samut Chin. The research’s tools arequestionnaire and interview form. The population are; the target group,students, working people age 19-25 years old, and graphic designers. The results show that;Illustration is the graphic key in the guidebook. The target group’s travellingpreference are community tourism and ecotourism. The target groupis interested in homestay and farm stay.They wish to have a new experience and relax in the community. The design concept is “Let’s go and stay; one day or one night.”The most appropriate illustration type is graphic type. Mood Tone is natural and casual. The most appropriate Font is San-Serif font. The layout is Menuscript grid and only 1 column. Focus on the illustration, in order to be easy to understand and interesting. Keywords - Public Relations Media, Community Way, Tourism.