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Exprimental Investigation On Blened Cement Concrete Using Non-Destructive And Destructive Approach

Experimental investigation was carried out on ecofriendly Blended cement(fly ash based) plain concrete, steel fibre reinforced cement concrete with and without super plasticizer with varying percentage of fibre content. Dispersion of fibres was done randomly all over the volume of the composite, design mixes of M20 and M25 were used throughout the investigation. The fibre content in the mix was varied from 25kg/m3 to 45 kg/m3. The parameters such as workability, compressive strength of blended cement, compressive strength of cement concrete, Split tensile strength and flexural strength were determined in accordance with Indian standards (IS). In addition to this, Rebound hammer tests and ultrasonic pulse velocity test were also conducted on hardened concrete before the destructive tests. The workability of fresh concrete decreased with the increase in fibre content. Analysis of the test results indicates that the strength parameters of cement concrete marginally increases with the introduction of fibres. Analysis also revealed that the strength of concrete is increased with the introduction of plasticizing admixture. The ultrasonic pulse velocity also showed marginal increment with the inclusion of fibres. The rebound numbers also increases with the inclusion of fibres. Keywords - Blended cement, Super plasticizer, Strength parameters, Ultrasonic pulse velocity, Rebound numbers.