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Commercial Identity Creation Approach in KohKret Community Area

In the year 2013, the Ministry of Culturehas created a project to develop the cultural tourism potential inKohKret.ThismadeKohKret tourism grow significantly and impacted the expansion of commercial areasdue to the entry of Entrepreneurs from outside the area which caused the commercial area within KohKretlacking of community identity. In presenting the information, it is a commercial identity searching in KohKret area with the objective to study the identity of KohKret community and applies it to commercial areas.The study method will collect data from physical surveys within the community and the questionnaire will be used the Taro Yamane theory from the total population of 328 stores and remainingsample groups 185 stores,and then analyze the statistical results with 15 topics in the analysis. Then, the survey results and questionnaires were analyzed to find the next method of design by using retro design concepts.In the era of Rama 5 that Poramaiyikawat Temple has been restored will use the waterfront community identity and artificial wood materials to make sense of the houses in the past. The results of the research concluded can be used in the design of commercial identity by dividing the shop types which are 1) permanent shop 2) semi-permanent stores 3) temporary shops.For this research, it can be a guideline for designing and improving shops to create identity on the KohKret community area to help promote tourism and disseminate culture through architecture. Keyword - Identity, Commercial, Store