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Website Design Project for Public Relations in The Architecture Montemple of Koh Kret

Koh Kret is a community, it has recently become a popular destination for visitors .All temples in Koh Kret are beautiful. MonTemple in Koh Kret has 4 temples : 1)Wat Poramai-yikawat Worawihan,2) Wat Chim Plee Sutthawat , 3) Wat Pai Laom ,4) Wat Sao Thong Tong. From the initial search found that the Google database does not collect and store data as a group of Mon Temples in Koh Kret.Making difficult for search and not presenting information about architecture. Website Design Project for Public Relations in the architecture Mon Temple of Koh Kret.Theobjective is to create a learning media for the architecture MonTemple of Koh Kret. The study method was conducted by collecting data from interviewsand survey from the area,to be used to create a database to present architectural styles.The capacity of the data on the website is 2.15 GB. The website has the following menu. 1)Presentation of images within the temple by slide show 2) Presentation about the history 3) Presentation of the layout of the area 4) Presentation of the architectural style Mon Temple of Koh Kret. The results of the research found that: it can be used to study the architectural style of Mon Temple and study the history of Mon Temple in 4 temples. All information is presented in the form of Graphics and 3D. 360 degrees(images)can see the architectural details around. Which will make website visitors or the general public easier to understand. Keywords- Mon Temple, Koh Kret, Architecture, 3d 360 Degree