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Analyzing the Consequences of Mixture Release in the South Pars Gas Field Development in Iran-A Case Study

In today’s competitive environment, the management of hazardous facilities to ensure safe and cost effective operation is high on the corporate plan. The market demands consistent performance in presenting safe and efficient operation during complying with regulation and legislation. To analyze the dispersion of release toxic and flammable material, there are some models like PHAST, ALOHA, SLAB and DEGADIS, but according to the observations and In this article, consequences and conditions of leak of one mixture tank in Propane Treatment And Draying Unit(contain: Ethane, Propane, Isobutene, n-butane, Hydrogen sulfide) which is in service at South Pars Gas Field Development(Phase 13) is investigated using PHAST software. This paper describes the analysis and results of a PHAST study conducted on mixture tank in South Pars Gas Field (Phase 13). Keywords- Consequence analysis, PHAST Software, Propane treatment, Leakage.