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Making A 3D Animation Combined with History in Virtual Reality

In recent years, the virtual reality of the scene and interaction, not only can pick up the traditional art, reproduce the historical fragments, and bring a new artistic sensory experience different from the past. Nowadays, some virtual reality systems with the theme of historical preservation mostly use the way of guiding historical relics to let users watch or virtual touch the cultural relics. The lack of letting users experience the historical plot is like standing in front of historical figures to watch the evolution of historical facts. To this end, this study uses Taiwan's historical facts as a script to create animations and combines virtual reality somatosensory to let users experience the history of Taiwan. The virtual reality animation developed in this study allows users to participate in the process of historical events and play historical figures, and to observe the history of the history of different historical figures. The historical story in this virtual reality animation is built with 3D models and 360-degree surround animation. In order to complete the development of virtual reality animation, this study develops 3D model media in Taiwan's real history, including 3D terrain, buildings, 3D character models, 3D prop models and event animations, and physical environment construction. Finally, it will be published and displayed as a finished product. Keywords - Virtual Reality, 360-Degree Surround Animation, Taiwan Historical Facts, Role Playing