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Potential Energy Saving by Demand Side Management: A Case Study for Karachi, Pakistan

Electricity demand is increasing at a rapid pace all around the world due to technological advancements. Usually new power plants are commissioned to overcome the short fall of supply. New technologies are sought to incorporate renewable energy resources that are seemingly cleaner generating power. Currently, most of our electrical power generation systems are using fossil fuels. The demand is expected to rise and building new plants to meet this increase is an expensive solution. An alternative solution is to lessen the demand by simple demand side management (DSM) techniques, and the existing power generation system can be used to fulfil the demand. This paper presents an analytical evaluation of different approaches that may be used to meet the increasing demand of Karachi, Pakistan. The key outcome from this research is the knowledge that an estimated number of 2 million houses in the city are capable of reducing 1900 MW from the total power supply by applying simple DSM techniques. Keywords - Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency, Pakistan, Power Generation, Renewable Energy.