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An Empirical Study On The Current Status Of Research Workers In The Korean Market: Focusing On Biopharmaceuticals And Medical Equipment

South Korean society is currently aging at an unprecedented rate while the “catch-up” economic development strategy that the nation has been pursuing over the last four decades has been revealing increasing limits on the sustainability of the Korean economy. For the last three decades, the Korean government has been fostering biotechnology and the development of research human resources in an effort to counter the grim prospects of population aging and unsustainable economic growth. The Korean labor market, however, is still in need of researchers. This study provides an empirical analysis of the current status of biotechnology research workers, particularly those working in the fields of biopharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and delineates implications for future policy on how to develop and encourage biotechnology human resource. Index Terms- Biopharmaceutical, Medical Equipment, Research Workers, Labor Market.