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Student Views about International Caribou Mathematics Contest: What Does The Contest Say in Terms Of Gifted Students’ Needs

It was aimed to examine the contest related views of the students participating in the Caribou Math Contest which is a worldwide online competition that holds six times throughout one school year since 2009. The present study also intended to evaluate participants’ views whether the contest serves the purpose of students needing extra materials/studies in mathematics, like gifted ones. Students’ opinions about the contests carried out in October, November and January of 2018-2019 educational terms were analyzed so as to explore their views. Findings of the study reflected that 15,7% of the students’ opinions about contest conducted in October, November and January are unfavorable while 63,5% of them are favorable as well as 20,8% of them indicate their suggestions. Many of the students mentioned that they liked the test, they thanked and found it as fun or awesome. It was seen that the contest mostly serve the students who request and desire challenge in their tasks. It was also concluded that the contest can attain the goals of students searching for extra services in mathematics by providing them challenging problem solving tasks or game based interactive math activities in such a different, worldwide platform. Keywords - Contest, Gifted Mathematics, Student, Views.