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The Electronic Word of Mouth: Positive and Negative Effects of Social Media on Marketing and Communication

This article defines and outlines the history of word of mouth communication (WOM) and the new up and coming electronic word of mouth (eWOM). Specifically, discusses social media’s impact on marketing and how this has changed the marketer’s communication with the consumer or marketing audience. Not only does eWOM has provide consumers with the ability to interact with marketers, but gives consumers complete control over this new marketing platform. Instead of directly communicating messages to the consumer, marketers must influence consumers to “like”, comment”, or “share” their add. There is just as much for marketer’s to gain this level of communication as the consumers directly buying the product. Consumers will now market for the marketers upon suggestion. As millenials, who embody a large portion of social media users, become more materialistic and brand focused, marketing on social media and proper use of EWOM becomes essential for businesses to make profit. This article goes into depth on different forms of EWOM and how it has positively and negatively influenced marketing and by extension, society at large. Keywords - Negative, Positive, E-wom, Wom, Loyal and Brand