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Participative Leadership and Team Innovative Behavior in The Hotel Context: The Mediating Role of Team Viability

Fostering team innovative behavior has been became the important issue for leaders. This study proposed an integrated model to explore how leadership behavior leads to better team innovative behavior. From the participative leadership theory, we pointed that participative leaderships can enhance employees’ feeling of team viability that facilitates higher degree of team innovative behavior. We argued that team viability will mediate the relationship between participative leadership behaviors and team innovative behavior. Finally, we also discussed the moderating role of task interdependence and leaders’ information sharing for participative leadership behaviors on team viability. While the empirical evidence concerning the role of participative leadership behavior in strengthening innovative behavior is scare, the present study may advance our understanding regarding the causal mechanism regarding how leadership role and context may influence higher level of team innovation. Finally, we discuss practical and theoretical implication. Keywords - Participative Leadership, Team Viability, And Team Innovative Behavior