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The Role of Youth in Promoting Peace and Harmony

Peace and harmony are the inborn right of every individual in the society. These are the only tools that shape one’s character and help to explore his/her potentials. All the divine religions focus on peace. Peace in any region can only be granted if the youth of that area is decent and peaceful. It is a fact that peace is the main requirement of any region for propagating its culture and civilization. The youth in India is both a catalyzing and galvanizing factor in promoting peace and harmony between different religions. Youth can bring reforms in the society. They can make a difference in any society by focusing on peace and security of the nation. The youth now, is responsible for maintaining peace which requires education and self-awareness. Youth should stand united as nation-builders, and try their best for the progress of the region. If our youth is strong no power can defeat us. Our youth is the only and lonely hope for a better, harmonious, peaceful and green world. Youth need to empower self for promotion of a youth movement in the country, with a view towards encouraging the spirit of volunteerism, leadership and sensitivity towards community requirements, from different walks of life. In this paper an attempt is made to highlight the different factors like education, social media, art, job, career, culture, awareness, honesty, patriotism, hard work, discipline, obedience etc. that can mobilize the youth to foster communal peace and harmony. Key words- Youth, Peace and Harmony