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Improve of Projects Performance Factors By Using Modern Cities and Technology. Case study: Bismayah New City Project

This paper discuss the relation between the performance factors and new technology. With the large increase in the percentage of population growth in Iraq, there is a growing need for strategic planning for housing projects in Iraq; the choice of suitable solutions to solve the housing crisis is the selection of modern technologies, which are built to improve the standards of management of investment projects in the housing sector, The feasibility study of these projects depends on the performance factors of these projects in addition to other environmental and social factors and reduce the risk management of those projects.The city of Bismayah, which lies to the south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, is one of the solutions that the Iraqi government thought of as a modern and integrated city.The prefabricated housing units give great results in improving performance factors of time and cost, in addition to the use of lightweight walls that reduce loads and increase thermal insulation, the use of insulating materials in the construction greatly reduces the consumption of electric power as there is a significant shortage of electricity production and high production costs.The implementation of a modern integrated city gives many social and economic benefits in addition to improving performance in these projects through the use of modern technologies that reduce the amount of work and improve the management of human resources. Keywords - Management, New Technology, Housing, Cost, Implementation Time.