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Consideration Of Web Analysis And A/B Testing For Effective Website Development In B2b Industry

To improve own products and services awareness in B2B software industry is often held by the marketing event. Improving the number of the event attendees is equal to improving the product and service awareness. Therefore, it has been required to develop an attractive web site to promote the event and secure the attendance registration, also asked for cost reduction at the same time from ROI (Return on Investment) perspective. In this study, we could identify the web page that contributed event registration by original referrer domain analysis and page effectiveness analysis. This paper also contains consideration of A/B testing, such as wording and color effectiveness of the web creatives to make the web visitors register the event attendance. It shows several results of A/B testing to figure out effective communication with the web visitors at the B2B event website. Keywords- B2B Industry, Marketing Event, Website, Web Analysis, A/B Testing.