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Future Expectations from Human Resource Managers: A Qualitative Perspective

The role of the human resource (HR) manager has changed dramatically along with the workforce and economy, and that evolution will continue as machines and technology replace tasks once performed by humans. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the future expectations that South African managers have from them HR managers. Inductive and deductive thematic analyses were used to interpret the raw data of an open-ended question as part of the hybrid research approach. Strategic contribution, engagement, employment relations, innovation, business acumen, leadership, analytics and metrics and lastly, personal characteristics were identified as the main themes. These themes formed part of managers’ future expectations of their HR managers. Training, mentoring and coaching are essential in preparing the HR managers to meet and perhaps excel the future expectations of their managers. Keywords- Strategic Contribution, Engagement, Employment Relations, Innovation, Business Acumen, Leadership, Analytics and Metrics, Personal Characteristics