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Chehra Documents: Profiling The Mughal Army

Chehra document outline the particulars of Mughal army recruits in order to have a thorough statistics of standing army.These documents served the purpose of identification of recruits at the time of appointment in the army. The information was compiled by Mir Bakhshi(Adjutant general) and subordinate provincial Bakhshi’s with the help of Diwan (chief revenue officer) and Jamatdars (head of contingent). These documents are extant for Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb and till late 18th century. For earlier period they are in Persian and later in Rajasthani, pattern however remains similar. Maintenance of army was crucial because of expansionist policy of Mughals. The nobles maintained sawars (troopers) from the revenue of jagirs assigned to them. Keywords- Descriptive Roll, Branding, Eighteenth Century, Mughal Army, Mughal Documents.