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Ranking The Barriers Of Information Technology Adoption In Supply Chain Management By Analytic Hierarchy Process

Information technology (IT) has an important role to increase supply chain capability. The barriers of IT adoption in supply chain management (SCM) are identified as a part of the right guideline development for IT adoption.The objective of this research is to rank the barriers of IT adoption in SCMby Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).The samples are companies,which participate in a promotion of applying information technology projectof logistics unit, the Bureau of Logistics Department. The result of this research showsthe ranking ofIT adoption´┐Żs barriers in SCM.Orders of themain criteriafrom the most to the least are project barriers, individual barriers, technological barriers, supply chain barriers and strategic barriers.Inadequate knowledge and training are the most criticalsub-criteria. Poor project management and poor vendor/consultants are the following important sub-criteria. These resultscan used to set the guideline for barrier prevention and solution to the problems, which might occur. Keywords- Supply Chain Information Technology, Barriers, Analytic Hierarchy Process.