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A Study on the Issues and Challenges across Various States in India to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Well Being of All (Working Paper)

Health is Wealth. For achieving ambitious SDGs by 2030 understanding of every objective from various dimensions is important. So in the process present study felt the need to understand the issues, challenges and solution for the health related goal, SDG3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. To study the correlation between SDG 3 performance (SDG index score) 2018 of each state across India and few socio, economic and demographic variables such as SGDP, public expenditure on public health, sex-ratio, literacy rates and SDG 4 – quality in education. Entire study divided in two parts. In part one, researcher made an attempt to understand the correlation between SDG 3 index score 2018 and macro economic growth indicators across various states in India, such as SGDP, state population, ratio of rural population to total population, sex ratio, female literacy rates and SDG 4 index score 2018, and the performance index of SDG 3 across various states in India. The study used correlation coefficient to find the relation between performance and state GDP and population for the first part.There is a strong impact of education; gender related socio-demographic factors like female population in rural areas, sex-ratio, literacy rates and the quality in education, SDG 4 on the SDG 3 index score. It is also evident from the findings that economic factors like GDP and public expenditure on public health are not strongly correlated with SDG 3 index score across various states in India during the study period. Keywords - SDG 3 Goals, SDG 3 Index Score, SDG 4, Public Health Expenditure, Female Literacy Rates, Sex- Ratio