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Examining Types of Reading Passages in English Language Curriculum Using Content Analysis Research:A Study Case Form Six

Types of reading passages and reading comprehension questionsare one of the most important aspect in acquiring English language,and due to the low English proficiency of the Iraqi Kurdistan student’s; this study is examining the types of reading passages and reading comprehension questions that has been used in the Iraqi Kurdistan English curriculum for form six (sunrise 12) using deductive content analysis approach. Form six is the last level before tertiary level. The finding of this study shows that most of the passages in the student’s Book 12 are narrative in nature while at tertiary level more expository type of passages is used. This means that the majority of the reading comprehension questions in the textbook are literal comprehension questions where no critical thinking is involved. Thus, there is a necessity to bring out radical changes to the existing EFL secondary reading curriculum so that new tasks and activities can aid in developing higher order thinking skills. The present study is significant as it can be applicable to other Middle-East countries. Keywords - Expository Passages, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking Skills