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Improving Employee Performance At Kakum Rural Bank Limited, Ghana: Role Of Motivational Packages

In this paper we ascertain whether the Kakum Rural Bank, Ghana has any motivational factors in place and how, if any, these factors influence employee performance. We collated data from some employees of all the six branches of the bank through questionnaire administration. A total of 80 questionnaires were retrieved and analyzed using the Standard Package for Service Solutions (SPSS), while the main descriptive technique for presenting data results were frequencies and percentages. Our findings include, presence of six main motivational packages; managementís involvement of employees in the design of these packages; and generally positive influence of these packages on employee performance. However, the packages do not induce and sustain employee loyalty. We recommend that to improve on loyalty of employees to the bank, motivational packages should be available to employees within much shorter period of joining the bank and also to be accessed on regular bases. Keywords- Kakum Rural Bank; Employee Performance; Ghana; Motivational Package.