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Investigation Production of Biogas and Electrical Energy From Waste of Sugar Industry

Supplying and providing energy in the future is one of the major challenges for international energy organizations and countries having energy reservoirs. Nowadays, due to the increasing use of fossil fuels in the world, as well as their price and environmental impacts, the need and interest in replacing them with new and renewable energy sources has been increased. Anaerobic digestion is one of the attractive methods for producing biogas from organic materials. Biogas energy is also known as Green Energy because it is avaluable energy source in rural areas. Biogas provides a renewable energy source that is clean and easy to control. Becauseit requires lowmanpower, it can be an alternative for firewood or fossil fuels. One of the major sources for biological waste is the organic waste of food industry factories. In Iran, a large amount of these wastes belongs towaste of sugarindustries. In this research, the potential of biogas production by anaerobic digestion method and finally the amount of energy generated by these wasteswas estimatedduring one year. Firstly, the annual production of this industry in the country was estimated through field and library studies and interviews as well as referring to existing statistics. Then, by referring to one of the factories, the amount of waste was determined as a ratio of waste to production and finally the sampling was done. Thenthe requiredcharacteristics for anaerobic digestion were measured.Since the amount of biogas depends directly oninterestedvolatile solids, the amount of biogas production was estimated as 1641024 m3, and therefore the annual electrical energy produced by this waste was estimated as12.13 GWh. The results showed that biogas is produced in large reservoirs called digester. There are many types of digester, but thesharedproperty is that they should workanaerobically or without oxygen. This amount of electrical energy is very significant and can provide a large amount of required energy in this industry. Keywords: Renewable energies, Biogas, production of Electricity energy, Waste of Sugar industry, anaerobic digestion