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Creativity on Icon Design of Mobile Apps

The icon design of mobile APPs could have a crucial effect on success of businesses since the initial contact with a business or service relies on the visual evaluation on the icons. It seems to be a challenge for designers to incorporate all the information within a tiny space of an icon, not to mention how making it attracted. Creativity has thus played its role in winning the game in the market of mobile APPs. Taking advantage of aesthetics, creativity not only makes a product more appealed, but saleable in the markets. Similar to product design, icon design requires not only visual aesthetics, but all creative imperatives. In the competitive market, the fact is that there are only a few mobile APPs that have received awareness and survived every year since new product design with visual aesthetics and creativity is not without difficulty. It is the aim of the present research to examine the key factors of graphic design and the effect of creativity on the popularity of mobile APPs across different categories. The research intends to inspect the mobile APP’s key characteristics and visualization. Theoretically, the research contributes to the mobile APPs literature through its findings on dimensional analysis and its relationships with creativity. In addition, results of the research provide useful insights into how companies or services adopt a strategic tactics to make their icon symbols more creative in the market of mobile APPs. Index Terms - Visual Aesthetics, Icon Design, Product Development, Creativity, Mobile Apps.