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English Libraries for Children in Korea

The Korean government has undertaken all possible measures to reduce educational gaps. One of the measures is English libraries for children. There are 19 public English libraries for children including “Small Library” in Korea. The biggest library is Busan English Library. They offer not only English books but also English activities.They have various programs such as weekend-film screenings, puppet shows for children and storytelling. Also, there is a stage for children to give performances after reading books. In Japan, because English is to be a formal subject at elementary school in 2020, the number of students who want to study English and parents who want their children to learn English will increase. Thus, in the near future, educational gaps in English might become a social problem in Japan like in Korea. Although it is difficult to open English libraries for children soon, we can learn many things from English libraries for children in Korea, such as utilizing university students and remodeling existing libraries.