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Design and Development of Small-scale Fishmeal Production from Fish Processing by-Product

Fishmeal is the essential ingredient in the animal feedstuff. Itshigh quality can stimulate animals to take high growth and development of the animal meat quality.At present not only marine fish but also fresh water fish are used in making the fishmeal product so as to solve the problem of environment from the expansion of aquaculture industry.Fish by-product becomes more and more important used as the raw material for fishmeal production in the future. Farmers can earn an incomefrom feedstuff from their fish by-product or use it for their animal feed and help the well-being environment.Therefore, the development of a small-scale of fishmeal production is investigated.The purpose is the expected outcome of conceptual design of the fishmeal production unit. The research methodology is known as the simplified wet processing, conducted with modification of bone removing and defatting during cooking process. Two cooking typesare compared; name the boiling with stirring and the boiling with pressure. The results show that the boiling with pressure isbetter than the boiling with stirring cooking process, especially getting a higher yield and lower energy consumption. The pressure simplified processing can produce fishmeal at a third grade of the commercial fishmeal which is obtained above 30% of protein, lower 6% fat content and below 10% of calcium. Keywords – Feed stuff, Fishmeal production, Fish by-product