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An Evaluation of the Online Campaigning Strategy in the 2016 General Elections

In the last decade or so, electronic campaigning or e-campaigning has become a common practice in several countries around the world. Though there is interest in this practice among academics and professionals in many parts of the world, there has been no scholarly articulation of such interest in the Caribbean. Using the case study methodology, the research seeks to address this gap in the literature. Using Jamaica as a case study, the aim of this study, therefore, is to: (1) examine the e-campaigning strategies used in the last general election by the two major political parties in Jamaica and (2) understand the value placed on e-campaigning in the last general election by political elites and practitioners. The study is guided by a conceptual framework which is based on several concepts drawn from Mckinsey’s 7S model for strategic management and Values Theory by Schwartz.