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Establishing Nutrisys, A Nutrition Information System

A computer-based nutrition information system that is used by nutritionist-dietitians and clinicians can hardly be found in the Philippines. As such, nutritional records are still recorded on paper although some were already manually encoded in spreadsheets. Capturing the necessary information is time-consuming as it requires a lot of cross-referencing and computations, all the more with the generation of reports needed to do clinical research. As part of a class project of MS Health Informatics students of the University of the Philippines Manila enrolled in HI 210 (Systems Analysis and Design) and the BS Computer Science students enrolled in CMSC 128.1 (Software Engineering I) also from the same university, NutriSys was developed to capture, organize and disseminate electronic data accessible to nutritionist-dietitian, physicians, other ancillary health care providers, and even patients. Prototyping methodology was used over the 16-week period in order to guide the developers at each step of the systems development process as they have no background in nutrition care process. The prototyping method is best suited for this project because this allows the team to make revisions and modifications as necessary both in the front-end as well as in the back-end. The results are promising as this was successfully presented in class. However, there is still much to be done, especially on the encoding of records that are still on paper as well as migration of existing data from spreadsheet. Keywords - Nutrition Information System, Electronic Medical Record, Prototyping