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Integrating Well-Being Concepts Into English For Academic Purposes Teaching The Case Of Teacher Education Institution In Mongolia

This paperpresents how the ideas of ‘well-being’ concept can be integrated in the English education as well as teacher education context. The English for Academic Purposes module, taught at the English Department of Mongolian National University of Education for the first time in 2013, attempts to put the well-being concepts into Teacher Education context. Of particular note of the course “English for Academic Purposes” is to enable students to focus on the “People-to-people & People-to-nature Values” as a cultural, intercultural, linguistic, and historical phenomenon. We developed experiential and ethnographic approaches to the topics with my students in order to relativize, localize, and interculturalize the aspects that emerge when students are confronted with different perceptions of values to their own. In applying five domains of well-being such as social, economic, intellectual, physical, and emotional well-being, the study suggested the appropriate integrated language teaching strategies and activities for student-teachers. Index Terms: English for Academic Purposes, well-being, integrated language teaching