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The Quality Of Physical Environment Of Urban Communities In West Sumatra, Indonesia

This study aims to evaluate the quality of life of rural communities in West Sumatra. Through this research where the concept of the welfare society can be measured not only on the socio-economic aspects but also through aspects of the physical environment around it. Based on the results of this study concluded that the assessment of the quality of life of communities is not only limited to economic and social aspects, but involves all aspects of such, education, health, housing, safety, transportation, communication and physical environment. In the context of physical development as well, all these aspects can not be separated from the quality of the availability of existing infrastructure in the area. The quality of infrastructure is either directly or indirectly will affect the quality of life of people living in urban and rural areas. The implication of this research is the development of local government in planning needs to consider the needs or desires of urban communities based on quality of life indicators are compiled. Hope the local government and relevant agencies need to give attention to efforts to improving the quality of life not only through physical development but also through social development, human resources and environmental protection in achieving sustainable development in West Sumatra. Keywords- Quality of Life, Infrastructure, Sustainable Development, Physical Environment, Urban Communities.