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Design And Real Time Position Control Of 6 Dof Tire Curing Mold Cleaning Robot

This paper presents a design, development and real time control of a 6 DOF serial arm manipulator. This manipulator is used in tire production industry in order to clean curing molds with dry ice blasting.The robot was designed in Solidworks, generated physically and its positions were controlled in real time by using Beckhoff pcbased controller,Ethercat communication and Beckhoff servo motors.In order to generate position control algorithms, forwardand inverse kinematics of the robot were calculated according to analytic and geometrical approaches. Motion control algorithms and environmental automation software were designed in Twincat-3 platform with codesys language. A human machine interface was designed to operate robot in real time Index terms - Pc Controller, Kinematics, 6 DOF Robot, Ether CAT