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A Review on Assessing the Usability of Social Network

Recently, the number of social networking is rapidly increasing, and the numbers of users joining are dramatically increasing as well. In today’s era online social networks are getting extensive popularity among internet users. People are using online social networks for different purposes like sharing information, chatting with friends, family and planning to hang out. It is then no surprise that online social network should be easy to use and easily understandable. Previously many researchers have evaluated different online social networks but there is no such study which addresses usability concerns about online social network with a general view.The main rationale behind this study is to find out efficiency of different usability testing techniques from social network’s point of view and issues related to usability. To conduct this research, we have adopted the combination of both qualitative and quantitative approach. Users from different countries participated in the study.Our findings are to evaluate social network based on four criteria (i.e. content and organization, navigation aid, user interface attraction, performance and effectiveness) Keywords - Usability Issues, Usability Evaluation, Online social networks, Usability.